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Customer Service First Couriers (CSF) Limited began operations in the year of June 2006. During the time of inception, the Managing Director envisioned a 'Customer-Centered Express Package Company' offering service that’s second to none. Starting off with two (02) employees, who consisted of the Managing Director himself, and our inception Courier; they both labored hard to deliver exceptional service and convenience, venturing into areas of the country where others did not. Their efforts were industrious, through dedication, promise of and delivery of service; they were able to gain a loyal customer base in the Trinbago courier/skybox market.


CSF is committed to providing above the benchmark, superior service quality and experience at an affordable cost and a dynamic customer service experience to our members. Whether we are working towards finding new shipping solutions, reducing costs or building our rapport with YOU, we dedicate our work to ensuring our members satisfaction. Keeping our members satisfaction in mind, we have developed a Customer Charter which is our promises to you as a member of CSF.


Over challenging years, we have evolved and developed our services to continue meeting our customer needs, and because of our commitment to change, while welcoming positive feedback and identifying how we can improve to meet our customer needs, CSF has become one of Trinidad & Tobago’s leading providers of skybox services and one of the largest air cargo importers in the country. Today, our growing staffs includes Trinbagonians and staff located in Florida, our dream appears to be materializing into a reality mirrored by our Vision, Mission and Customer Service values.


CSF has embarked on projects to ensure all the organization’s policies and systems are designed with the customer’s benefit in mind, first. In addition, the company has been continuously pursuing training and development programs tailored to our Company; a participative management culture, expanding to reach the customer, a total rewards system and fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability. With the highly competitive environment of the skybox fraternity becoming even more complex daily, CSF has seen the need to invest not only in infrastructure and staff but also in creating its competitive advantage through excellent customer service by bringing value to our customers through affordable rates and a dynamic service.


As proof of our commitment to our Customers, CSF has been in collaboration with the Customer Service Standard Certification team to continue our certification from the International Council of Customer Service Organization’s universal seal of customer service achievement. With the organization’s Vision, Mission and Customer Service values all affixed to the pursuit of excellent customer service, CSF aims to provide a world-class customer experience for all its members.


Customer Constitution: This constitution is an agreement between the management and staff of CSF Couriers Limited and our members; in essence the following commitments are our Promises to You. Our Commitments were created with our members’ best interest in mind. At CSF we believe that YOU our customers deserve a second to none customer experience. Whether we are working to find new shipping solutions, reducing your costs or improving our rapport with YOU, we dedicate our work to ensuring our members satisfaction.


Commitment #1: Pursuing and engaging to realize the best customer service in the industry for our members - CSF accepts obligation to providing above the benchmark customer service experience to our members, we will continuously seek to materialize the higher standard of service excellence.

Commitment #2: Treating everyone in an equal, non-discriminatory and fair manner - CSF will ensure that our staff does not discriminate anyone in any manner. If anyone is found to be in breach of this promise corrective action will be taken against them regardless of position or situation.

Commitment #3: Ensuring that our member’s information is secure and used only for business purposes - CSF commits to safeguarding all members information and promises to keep all information protected, confidential and used only for CSF Business transactions.

Commitment #4: Accepting ownership and liability for our mistakes and short comings - CSF pledges to accept responsibility for any inconvenience that may result from our oversight, neglect, miscalculations or incorrect information provided.

Commitment #5: Being Honest and open with all members - CSF vows to provide our members with a trust worthy partner; we will be straightforward, candid, and authentic with all our members and continue to work hard to gain and build your confidence in us.

Commitment #6: Accepting Feedback positively and acting upon it to improve our service - CSF guarantees that we will provide various outlets for the submission of your feedback and use this feedback to genuinely enhance and upgrade our service.

Commitment #7: Providing an affordable service to the public - CSF assures members and the public that we will continue exploring to discover new methods, systems, or avenues to make our service economical and cost effective.